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Collaborative track listing and playlists for DJ Drop G

Why Wikia and not on YouTube?

DJ Drop G is an awesome and prolific YouTube DJ with a large following but he can be a little too over zealous at deleting comments that detail the track listings in his sets. This wiki has been setup as a community repository of track lists that is not unilaterally controlled by DJ Drop G although he is welcome to update and post his track listings should he have a change of heart.

How to use this wiki?

The galleries below (when updated) should mirror the list found on Drop G's YouTube uploaded videos page. For each video if the title is red then there is no track listing, if you know some of the tracks then please go ahead and click the link and create a new page, preferably try to copy the format of an existing track listing. If the title is blue then a track listing has been started, but remember this is a non-official community site so it is likely that errors or omissions exist. If you have better information on the tracks then please go ahead and edit the listing or post a comment at the bottom of the page which hopefully someone else can verif

Special thanks

By far the most prolific track detective is rOXOrR2, especially for 2017 and where possible I have always credited the listing provided by him. We all thank him for his hard work.

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